Weight Loss Hypnosis – Myth Or Miracle?

In recent years, weight loss hypnosis has been making waves in the multi-million dollar weight loss industry, advertising itself as the revolutionary way to help people lose weight and keep their unwanted pounds off. These campaigns has stirred people from famous movie stars to the average housewife using hypnosis for weight loss techniques to aid their weight loss and keep their figures. However, like all new trends in weight loss, is weight loss with hypnosis an over hyped myth that does not really work like advertised or is it truly the miracle that people have been waiting for?

No matter what the advertisements says about how new weight loss hypnosis is, the fact is, these methods have existed for many years. These same techniques that are taught in hypnosis for weight loss programs are also used to treat other problems in individuals like smoking, pain control, anxiety disorders and of course, weight loss. Techniques used in weight loss hypnosis by many qualified weight loss hypnosis therapist are derived from the established and proven techniques of hypnosis like anchoring and association.

To many people, the word hypnosis always elicits images of people doing silly antics under the instructions of a stage hypnotist. Due to this portrayal of hypnosis, people have been slow to pick up hypnosis for weight loss techniques or approach a qualified weight loss hypnosis therapist for their weight management goals. Although the stage hypnotist uses some of the techniques of hypnosis, a proper hypnosis program for weight loss is unlike a variety hypnosis television program.

During a weight loss hypnosis program, a qualified weight loss hypnosis therapist will first understand what are your goals that you have for yourself. He or she will go through with you what is the current state that you are in, what are food and eating behaviors that you have now and where you want to be after finishing the program. This stage is important because it establishes goals that you agree to and am confident of achieving. This is crucial because contrary to common belief, hypnosis cannot work if idealica farmacia deep down, you don’t believe you can do it or you don’t want to do it. Hence, by working out a weight loss goal that you are comfortable with, you subconsciously become more accepting to the goal. The next step would be to induce you into a deeply relaxed state. It is at this state where the hypnotherapist provides you suggestions for healthier food choices and motivational phrases to aid you in losing weight. These suggestions are directed to your subconscious mind. Why to the subconscious mind ? Your subconscious mind is the powerhouse portion of your brain. It controls your feelings, emotions, behaviors and habits. By attaching these suggestions to your subconscious mind, your behaviors and feelings towards food and exercise changes. Many people have reported that after going through hypnosis for weight loss programs, they do not eat as much as before because they feel fuller longer and faster after a small meal.

Besides providing you with suggestions that promote better eating and exercise, a qualified weight loss hypnosis therapist will also involve you to set up a plan for yourself. Goal setting techniques will be taught so you will know exactly what to aim for, how to go about achieving your goals and how to review your progress. Seeing progress throughout your weight loss hypnosis program will form a positive feedback loop and further drives you to stay on course to reach the weight loss goals that you have set for yourself.

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Maintaining German Cars With Quality German Auto Parts

German luxury cars are very popular, high-end vehicles that people love to drive in style. Vehicles such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz have a fine reputation for top-notch quality and a classy look. These cars cost a fortune, it is very important to preserve the quality and longevity of German luxury vehicles using German auto parts.

All cars break down to some degree after a while, and it is imperative that the parts be replaced with the make and model of the vehicle needing repair. Many auto dealers sell a wide variety of foreign and American auto repair products, so there are many products to choose from. Many dealers charge quite a bit, so many people are looking for alternative means of buying replacement parts.

Many German auto parts are available on the Internet at a reduced price than they are sold for at a live dealership. Virtual car dealerships sell to people all over the world and have good products and competitive shipping costs. Savvy auto consumers should make sure the part meets the used auto parts OEM requirements to assure accurate and safe part replacement.

Car mechanics should look for Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM parts when repairing German-made vehicles. These types of parts are designed and packaged to meet the specific requirements of the luxury car’s make and model. OEM parts are thought to be authentic and reliable products, so many consumers search for these products.

Good maintenance involves using quality auto parts to keep the car running smoothly and efficiently. German auto products are available to repair even the most elite vehicles, including such popular brand names as Porsche and Saab. High quality products tend to last a long time, and German luxury cars are no exception because they are well engineered and built to last.

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Insight Into How Your Keywords Perform

This new report function within your AdWords PPC campaign allows you to see exactly what keywords were used in a customers journey towards a conversion. This allows you to see which keywords assisted in a conversion, whether it was from a click or an impression.

Take the following two examples:

Search Funnel Example 1:

Your keyword ‘holidays’ is receiving lots of clicks but no conversions. By using the AdWords Search Funnels Report you can see if the keyword ‘holidays’ was the first clicked keyword before a conversion was made, or if it assisted at any point in the conversion path. Although it may not have received a direct conversion, you may find that it helped to kick start one! If you were to pause the keyword ‘holidays’ you may miss out on starting that all important conversion funnel. clickfunnel discount code Alternatively you may find that the keyword ‘holidays’ has not been the first clicked keyword or assisted in a conversion, therefore it is probably best to pause it.

Search Funnel Example 2:

You have the keyword ‘luxury holidays in’ which is receiving a good number of conversions. By using the AdWords Search Funnels Report you can see what keyphrases were involved before the user converted with this keyword. This can help identify keywords which at first glance may appear to be underperforming, however are crucial to the conversion funnel.

The AdWords Search Funnels report consists of:

– Top Conversions

Like most of Google’s products and tools, the best way to get your head around how it can benefit you is to have a play around. There is a lot of insight available to help you to get to grips with what your keywords are actually doing.


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Top 10 Android Apps You Can’t Live Without

There are tens of thousands of Android applications available in the marketplace so choosing just 10 of the best apps is a very difficult job. However, we’ve gone through hundreds of different apps and compiled these top 10 Android apps that you can’t live without.

Handcent SMS

The default Android messaging app is ok, but Handcent SMS is better. Way better. You can customize the layout of your messages, view the messages in conversation format, password protect your messages and spell check messages before you send it. This should be the first app that you install!


Just like the Android messaging app, the keyboard app is also ok, but BetterKeyboard lives up to its name by being miles better. With true multi-touch ability, proximity correction and a number of skins available; once you go Better you’ll never go back.

Snap Photo Pro

Sack the default Android camera app and splash out 99 cents on this little beauty. Snap Photo Pro lets you take multiple shots at a click of a button which is great for catching natural expressions, a digital stabilizer which is useful if you have shaky hands, a digital zoom and there are multiple digital filters you can apply to the photo.


When it comes to pimping out your Android a unique ringtone is essential. RingDroid will let you edit MP3 files and slice out that catchy chorus or the really cool intro. Eye of the Tiger intro anyone?

Launcher Pro

The ultimate dashboard management app. Launcher Pro gives you 7 home screens to fill up with widgets and customize to your delight. It has super smooth ac market scrolling between screens and can even handle 3D graphics for that extra cool look.

Norton Mobile Security

It’s a scary world out there folks but Norton acts like your personal body guard defending your phone from intrusions and malware. It can even remotely disable and delete data if you ever have your phone stolen so those filthy thieves can’t extract any personal data from it.

Angry Birds

We know that everyone is going crazy about Angry Birds and there is a good reason for it! This very simple game will draw you in and before you know it your morning commute won’t last nearly long enough as you play the ever harder levels to defeat the greedy piggies.

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Best Android Apps That Help You Improve Battery Juice

Whether it is greedy resources, larger size displays or a constant desire of playing mobile games, every task eats up battery life faster than the normal conditions. Do you ever come across a situation when you need to access your email urgently, but your Android powered devices deny turning on? Have you ever wished that your Android’s battery would last longer? If yes, then it is confirmed that you’re tired of plugging in your device’s charger again and again, and already had enough of the battery drain out excuses.

Many of you might be shocked to know that lighting up screens for hours at a time may result in extensive battery drain outs. Android is a mobile OS platform that is highly recognized for its efficiency at task management, and smartness at multitasking, but Android battery life never lives up to expectations.

In this article, you will read about the four best Android apps that will ensure prolonged battery life of your Android device.

1. Juice Defender

Juice Defender is a free Android app that is efficient gbwhatsapp in managing common connections like mobile data, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The app comes with multiple preset modes such as ‘aggressive’ and ‘balanced’ to meet your device’s specific needs, and it also allows toggling and tasks scheduling to save some extra power. Juice Defender efficiently manages background synchronization, and allows a user to choose which apps can keep the screen on and up to what duration. Official developers have also offered this app in Plus ($1.99) and Ultimate ($4.99) versions, which can be availed depending on the level of control and requirements of the user. The Plus version offers access to the ‘extreme’ and ‘customized’ profiles while the Ultimate app boasts peak hours and weekend settings and offers deeper GPS controls to save extra battery units.

Standout features

• Multiple versions to suit needs

• Fully customizable app to save extra hours of battery life

• Separate user profiles to manage apps and battery

• Easy and intuitive user interface (ads free!)

• Scheduling and full activity log

• Two home screen widgets

• Location-aware features

2. Go Battery Saver & Power Widget

Designed and developed by the Go Dev Team, this extremely flexible and easy-to-use Android app is an ideal way to save some extra hours of your Android’s battery life. Allowing you to toggle preset modes with just a tap on the screen, the app adjusts battery consumption according to your reading, relaxing, or even gaming activities. Go Battery Saver & Power Widget comes with customization option, hence, users who don’t like the standard modes can create a battery saving plan of their own. The app constantly scans all your installed apps to determine the ones that are eating up the battery more than others. After the scan, the solution provides suggestions to enable or disable features to extend the device’s battery life. If you’re looking for an app with advanced features, then buy the Go Battery Saver & Power Widget’s premium pack (in-app purchase for $4.99) to access another dozen features.

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Beware The Wholesale Ring Scam

You should be aware about the fact that engagement ceremony plays an important role in the life. The ceremony of engagement will never stop. As long as people enjoy engagement ceremony, they will intend to buy engagement rings for their love ones. It is true that different types of engagement rings are available in the market. You should know that buying one is a costly task. However, it depends upon the way you buy and the ring you choose. You should know that they are manufactured with the help of diamond, gold, silver, platinum and many more.

You should know that diamond engagement rings are the best way to propose your love. It is true that they are one of the most precious gifts that your wife will have. If you are planning to purchase one then you will have to spend good amount of money. According to a survey, it is proved that an average amount to purchase an engagement ring is five thousand dollars. However, there are some ways to reduce your expense.

You should know that the weight, size and design wholesale ring of the engagement ring will determine its cost. If you are planning to purchase a ring within your tight budget then you can reduce the carat of the ring. At the same time, you can purchase a ring that is less in size.

If you are not willing to reduce the carat and the size of the rings then you should go ahead think of purchasing a wholesale diamond engagement rings. This is the best way to reduce you expenditure. You will come across many people who would prefer to purchase wholesale. They are available in each and every parts of the world.

If you are planning to know more about wholesale diamond engagement rings then it is better for you to research. It is true that researching will help you to get some idea about the ways of getting them. Over the internet, you will get many websites that deals in the business of them. You can explore these websites and get them. You should know that proper keywords will help you to get all the required and accurate information on the internet.

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Tips Tentukan Agen IDN Poker Online Terbesar Bagi Pemula

Perkembangan judi online membuat nama IDN poker online terbesar sangat populer dikalangan bettor. Kenapa begitu? Karena IDN poker sukses membawa kebiasaan main judi lewat gawai, alih-alih harus nongkrong di rumah bandar. Asalkan memiliki komputer/laptop hingga HP yang berakses internet, Anda bisa langsung pasang taruhan poker.

Kemudahan seperti inilah yang akhirnya yang membuat banyak orang tertarik dengan judi online. Bukan hanya memberikan kesenangan, tapi juga keuntungan rupiah besar. Hanya saja jika Anda seorang penjudi pemula, berulang kali disebutkan bahwa pilihlah website bandar yang benar-benar terpercaya lantaran ada banyak oknum abal-abal.

Inilah Kerugian Gabung di Agen Poker Palsu

Keberadan oknum abal-abal yang meniru agen poker ini tentu sangat meresahkan. Alih-alih menyediakan sebuah server permainan yang menyenangkan, mereka bahkan bisa saja menghabiskan seluruh deposit milik bettor. Penjudi pun tak akan memperoleh ruangan virtual untuk bertaruh yang nyaman lantaran diisi oleh oknum bot yang curang.

Tentu sebuah kerugian jika Anda bergabung di agen yang tidak bertanggung jawab ini. Mau melapor ke kepolisian? Maka pihak berwajib akan tahu jika Anda melakukan kegiatan ilegal yakni judi yang jelas-jelas dilarang. Sangat merugikan, bukan? Untuk itulah bagi penjudi khususnya pemula, harus teliti dalam memilih agen.

Kenapa harus pemula? Karena para penjudi pemula biasanya tidak teliti dalam memilih bandar tempat main judi. Mereka mudah tergiur dengan aneka bonus yang ditawarkan agen dan kemudian mendaftar begitu saja. Rendah diri bertanya kepada bettor yang lebih senior juga menjadi alasan lain kenapa pemula lebih suka menentukan agen judinya sendiri.

Tips Khusus Pilih Agen Poker Online Asli

Sejatinya bukan hal yang rumit atau bahkan sulit untuk menentukan sebuah agen judi online terpercaya. Cara termudah tentu bertanya dan meminta rekomendasi para penjudi senior yang tentunya akan merekomendasikan IDN Poker Terbaik. Namun jika Anda terlalu malu, beberapa tips berikut ini bakal amat sangat membantu:

  1. Mengetahui seluk-beluk bandar yang Anda gabungi akan memberikan keuntungan lebih baik. Jika sebuah agen punya reputasi dan review positif, maka bisa dipertimbangkan untuk bergabung. Untuk itulah tidak ada salahnya jika mulai memperhatikan tampilan website agen itu dan melihat posisinya di mesin pencarian internet.
  2. Salah satu ciri khas agen poker online yang bertanggung jawab adalah dengan selalu update dalam hal permainan. Karena itu ketika Anda hendak bergabung, pastikan agen yang dipilih selalu update agar tidak tertipu. Dengan permainan yang selalu update, membuktikan kalau agen tersebut memang sangat bertanggung jawab.
  3. Yang namanya bonus memang begitu menggiurkan dan jadi daya tarik untuk bergabung. Hanya saja Anda harus waspada karena biasanya bonus juga bisa dijadikan sebagai salah satu cara menjebak penjudi, terutama penjudi pemula. Karena itu, pilihlah agen yang menyediakan bonus dengan perhitungan masuk akal.
  4. Tips terakhir dalam menentukan agen poker online adalah dengan melihat penanggung jawabnya. Sebuah agen yang terpercaya tentu akan memuat seluruh narahubung termasuk layanan pelanggan alias CS, yang bakal aktif selama 24 jam. Sehingga kapanpun Anda mengalami masalah saat bermain, bisa langsung melapor.

Seperti yang sudah disinggung di atas, sebuah kerugian besar jika Anda memang jadi korban penipuan agen palsu. Untuk itulah terutama jika Anda adalah bettor pemula, jangan ragu untuk bertanya kepada penjudi yang lebih senior. Bergabunglah di agen poker online yang sudah dikenal terpercaya dan direkomendasikan seperti IDN poker online terbesar.

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Internet Marketing: What Is A Sales Funnel?

In this article I am going to describe what a sales funnel is. Basically a sales funnel is a way of funneling prospects into your business and building trust.

The funnel begins with lots of prospects entering into the wide end of the funnel. Since is it a wide end you can get lots of people in.

As you go down the funnel it gets narrower and therefore the number of people who go further down your funnel becomes less and less.

Therefore the traditional view is that in order to get a lot of people in you have to offer them something for free.

Then as you go further down the funnel you offer more and more expensive products – the more expensive they are the less people will purchase them.

OK so it doesn’t quite work like that does it?

In the end if you are offering something that someone needs then they will pay for it whatever the price! It depends on how badly they need what you have to offer! clickfunnels plugin review And the opposite is true too! If no one needs what you are offering it doesn’t matter how low priced it is no one will buy.

In reality money is an issue for a lot of people and therefore realistically less people reach the end of the funnel than the number who enter!

So you bring someone in usually by giving them something valuable for free. They get the material, they begin to relate (or not) to you and decide if you’re actually someone that they can trust to help them.

Many marketers say that you should start off by offering a low priced product after someone has joined your list. The reason for this is because it allows someone to judge whether or not you can be trusted to a deeper level.

The critical thing is to offer a product that you know your subscriber is looking for. Therefore the very first product must related to the free gift that you have offered them. This might be low priced or might be high priced! It might be beginner level or advanced.

It can be difficult to get this exactly right and so you should have a variety of products to offer. If no one buys your high priced product then perhaps you haven’t built enough trust yet and need to start with low priced ones.

It really is something that you should test for your own list and niche. If in doubt begin low priced and then build up.

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Product Funnel Creation – How to Make More Money With Less Customers

Making money online gets a whole lot easier if you are able to charge more for your information products. The best way for you to sell these higher-priced products is through first selling cheap products and giving away things for free. I know this might sound like an oxymoron, but let me explain the concept of a product funnel.

What is a product funnel? A product funnel is a great way to capture the greatest amount of people who visit your website and get them to buy your products.

All Price Points Along the Information Product Funnel
A product funnel or information marketing funnel starts at the top with free giveaways and ends with high-priced coaching programs and seminars. In short, clickfunnels pricing 19 you are looking to get the most amount of people to sign up for your email list.

Over time you build trust and a relationship with your readers and mixed in with your content emails, you mention your products and services. The idea is to transform your freebie seekers into buyers over time.

When you have a full product funnel, you start with free e-courses and ebooks and then you work your way up to higher-priced products and services to offer your subscribers. The reason it is called a “funnel” is because you get more people at the top and only a few people will sign up for your pricier products, leading to a V-shaped funnel with more people at the top and fewer at the bottom.

An example might help you understand how this works. This is what your product funnel might look like:

– Free Newsletter or Free Report
– $7 Special Report
– $19.95 eBook – General Information
– $27 to $97 eBook – More Specific Information
– $197 Package – Ebooks and Audios and/or Home Study Course
– $497 Home Study Course
– $997 All-Inclusive Product and Home Study Course
– $997 and Up Coaching Program and Seminars

For every 1,000 people who sign up for your Free Newsletter, you might have only 10 sign up (i.e., pay you) for your coaching program.

Bring People Into the Funnel
Your goal is to bring as many people as possible into your marketing funnel. You start by giving away a bunch of free, high-quality content to your website visitors. Once they are on your email list, you can market your $7 special report to them to convert them into a paying customer.

Once a prospect goes from just a “tire-kicker” (someone who is just looking for free information) to a paying customer, you can move them up the ladder (or down the funnel) to your higher-priced products.

Cover the Middle Ground
Most marketers make the mistake of jumping from the low-ticket to the high-priced products – do not fall into this trap. Put yourself in your buyers shoes and this only makes logical sense.

You just bought a $19.95 or $7 eBook and now someone is trying to sell you a $5,000 coaching package. Insane, right? Of course it is which is why you need to create mid-level priced products.

You can quickly and easily add downloadable audio and video to a product and charge $97 to $197. Once you have this ground covered, you can start working on your higher-ticket products and services.

Higher Ticket Products is Where The Money Is Made
If you are selling high-ticket products, you will need to have fewer customers in order to really make it online. This concept is at the heart of how most online marketers really make the bulk of their money online.

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Craps Online Casino Game Reviewed

Online casino games’ popularity are reaching fever-pitch frenzy nowadays, as social networking sites promote them and the economy’s fiscal crisis motivates people to play them instead of real-world casino games. Slot machines, poker, blackjack and their many variations are taking over the virtual world, but one casino online game that seems to be getting left behind is craps.

Craps is a casino game that involves players betting on the outcome of a dice roll, or the results of a series of dice rolls. Players can make wagers against each other (what is known as street craps or shooting dice) or the bank (aka table or casino craps). Craps are quite popular in real-world casinos all over the United States, Europe and even Asia. It is an exciting, fast-paced game, and one will be  สมัคร 918kiss hard-pressed to look for any half-filled craps tables in any casino.

Well, except for the online variety. In stark disconnect with craps in real casinos, craps in online casinos are often played half-full, sometimes with only one or two individuals playing. So, why the disparity?

Many players say that playing craps online and in real world casinos are simply too different, and everything that makes craps such an exciting game to play in the world are simply sucked out of the online casino versions.

For example, the main excitement that players get from craps comes from rolling the dice. Many players have developed various strategies with hand flicks and wrist shakes that can control how a dice rolls on the crap table’s felt top, which will eventually land the dice in whatever number the player wants them to stop. That physical aspect of the craps is completely gone in online casinos. There is no tactile experience with the dice, and definitely no hand techniques by which players believe they can hedge the odds in their favor.

Playing craps is also made fun by the atmosphere of playing with a crowd of cheering, groaning, muttering, players crashing at an individual from all sides as they try to press closer to the table. Online casinos as yet cannot recreate that rich experience, as players are left with only rote mouse-clicking and perhaps some canned ambient music to capture the buzz that always accompanies a full craps table.

There is still hope for online casino craps, though, as more and more people are slowly becoming accustomed to a non-physical dice throw. Many are also discovering the benefits of playing online casino craps. Foremost of these is that inexperienced players who would prefer to learn about the rules of craps can first acclimate themselves, sort of get a feel for the craps table, before actually playing in real-world casinos where the general buzz will be unforgiving to untutored players. Crap-lovers, too, are finding that craps is still craps, and its online version is the easiest way to assuage their craps cravings ASAP. And then, there is the economic reason: many sites are offering online casino games for free-and who these days does not want to get anything without paying?

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